Starting in 2017, the online journal SEP will increase its internet publishing from one issue per year to two. It was created by members of the CIRLEP, though it is not an official publication of this research team.

Since the creation of the journal, its purpose has been to investigate the use of concepts elaborated by one discipline then introduced and developed in contact with different fields of research such as civilization studies, language studies, visual arts, philosophy, literature or linguistics. The distinctions between domains are sometimes quite tenuous and the hallmark of creative research is to break through them.

The spirit of the journal is rooted in the investigation of the boundaries between bodies of knowledge, most evident in language and culture, as well as of borrowings and conceptual inventions.

The guiding editorial principles of the journal seek to create a space for interdisciplinary discussion and transmission by interrogating methodological approaches and academic disciplines from the standpoint of notions of multidisciplinary scope and utility. Its purpose is to embrace a multitude of methodologies and theoretical approaches, to reflect upon conceptual borrowings and on the continual flux of mobile concepts—in a word, to track knowledge in movement.

In this project the diversity of languages goes hand in hand with the desire to present collaborative works. Transdisciplinarity is the main goal of the journal : any exploratory endeavour that probes  the porousness of disciplines is the focus of our investigations.