To submit an article


Please follow the following typographical conventions

Please use only size 12 characters and only one typeface (preferably Times New Roman, Garamond), with 1.5 line spacing for the text.

This Journal uses footnotes (not endnotes). Notes should be presented with single spacing, 10 characters (Times New Roman, Garamond) and numbered consecutively.

Quotations should be in standard roman characters. Quotations that run up to three lines should be inserted in the text, using French quotation marks (« »). Quotations that run to more than three lines should be set off from the text in a new paragraph and indented on the left margin (1.25 cm). Quotations may be given in an original foreign language, but a translation into English must also be provided in the footnotes.

Use italics for titles of books, journals and newspapers and isolated terms in foreign language, or to put emphasis on a word or a series of words (in English or in another language). The omission, addition or modification of words from quotations should be indicated by square brackets [ ].

Titles and sub-titles should not be numbered and should not be followed by a full stop (they may though be followed by exclamation or question marks).

Spelling can be either UK or US English. Numbers should be given as follows: one to twelve in words; 13 onwards in figures. Please give dates in figures (ie: 1380, 1900).

In the text, avoid abbreviations apart from standard accepted ones

Abstract and key words

The submission should include abstracts in English and in French, and 5 keywords in French and in English.

All pictures, maps, diagrams, figures and graphs should be submitted in form suitable for inclusion in electronic format.